Trump’s Ukraine debate cast limelight on Hunter Biden’s company transactions

Hunter Biden's company transactions in Ukraine and Asia now within the limelight

The discounts under consideration were held while Joe Biden ended up being vice president and performing government that is official in those nations; Doug McKelway reports from Washington.

WASHINGTON -- In June, 2 months after Joe Biden established their 2020 campaign for president, the latest Yorker published what numerous saw as being an inoculation that is pre-emptive their son's numerous problems that might harm Biden’s campaign.

The recovering Hunter Biden acknowledged a longtime addiction to cocaine and alcohol in the piece. He additionally acknowledged frequenting prostitutes, and achieving other difficulties that are marital.

This new Yorker additionally detailed Hunter's two business that is questionable, including a $1.5 billion donation from a Chinese businessman to a personal equity company, BHR Partners, on whose board Hunter sat.

"Hunter became a member that is unpaid of board but would not just simply just take an equity stake in BHR Partners until after their dad left the White home, " The brand New Yorker stated.

The president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, maintained in a fiery accusation on Fox Information Sunday that the amount of money had been donated times following the more youthful Biden flew together with daddy to Asia aboard Air Force Two.

"as he comes home.

Safeguards Needed

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