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writed by – Michael Crichton

1 hour 53 minutes

Genre – Action

Jan de Bont

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Listen up. I’ll say this once.
If you really like this movie, you are ill-equipped to judge movies and to know the difference between a good one and a bad one. You have the critical abilities of a monkey in a lab who knows only the difference between a food pellet and an electric shock. Nothing to be ashamed of. You’re exactly what Hollywood is looking for.
This movie is crap. Badly written, badly acted, not even directed. The jokes fall flat, the effects are lousy, and the character development is non-existent. It is a movie made by people who should know better, but who decided to fleece an audience of people who didn’t know better. Michael Crichton knows this movie is crap. Trust me. When you expend all this energy defending it, I’m sure it just sends him into convulsions of laughter as he rolls naked in the money you helped him make.
You’re better than this, people. You don’t have to settle for crap just because it looks nice. Filmmakers have been known to make a movie better than it has to be. There’s a history of writers and directors making something that could be stupid into something that is great. You don’t have to buy into this nonsense.
There is a great tornado movie to be made. I waited a year for this movie to come out because I thought this would be the one. I was wrong. If you think it is a great tornado movie, so are you.

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First of all, let’s say that this movie has no plot at all. The story is so dull, it’s scary. So you see the movie for the special effects, for the tornadoes. Well, you got plenty of it. But even there, it’s more sensational than realistic. And what about the makers of the pick-up truck that Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton drive at the end? They must be very happy. It’s good publicity for their company. Hey, why not, a pick-up that goes into multiple tornadoes, get it by everything that’s flying around, but keeps going and going, and going. Just like the Energizer bunny!
6 out of 10 and I was very generous.

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